About Us

 Welcome to the Architectural offices of Life by Design. 

We have what it takes…

Serving the Community since 1989.

We have been serving the community with conscientious and excellent designs since 1989.  We have what it takes to make your project a successful one.

Life by Design is headed by Charles A Dahlke, Registered Architect.  Through our affiliations with other design professionals, we can quickly assemble a design team to tackle your project, efficiently and cost effectively.


Charles A Dahlke, Registered Architect

Charles was granted his architectural license in 1989 after successfully passing the Architectural Licensing Exam.  He immediately began to service his clients throughout Western New York.  As an employee, he has experienced a variety of project types and project locations.  As a result, Charles is now licensed in New York State and Connecticut.  Charles has been working independently full time since 2008.

Paula Banks Dahlke, home & kitchen designer

Paula has been a kitchen designer since 2000, working with various companies in Western New York.  She now works directly with Life by Design, not only on kitchen designs but also whole house design and remodeling projects.  Paula’s skills include an unique interaction with our clients to understand what they need and want in their homes.


What can we do for you?

Life by Design is a full service architectural design firm.  Our design experience is very broad and includes
 – Residential
 – Commercial
 – Churches
Within each of these broad categories of uses and occupancies, we have experience with new construction, adaptive re-use, renovation and additions.  In addition to traditional design services, we offer ourselves as a consultant for more specific needs.

Code Analysis

Life by Design is well versed in understanding, dissecting and applying the various building codes used throughtout the North East quadrant of the United States.  Our services are available to provide code analysis and subsequent consequences for your project on a hourly rate basis.

Structural Design

For standardized construction techniques, Life by Design can evaluate and design the structural components necessary.  Typically, this type of design is for wood framed construction, although not exclusively.  In the event that your project involves more intricate structural design, we have additional design team members ready to assist with the work.  These services are available on an hourly rate basis.

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